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May 26, 2016

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2016 Latest MB5-705 Study Guides:

1.Explain projects and project management;
2.Define Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step;
3.Initiate a project and prepare for the diagnostic phase;
4.Deliver Decision Accelerators;
5.Generate a proposal and final licensing and services agreements;
6.Describe project management discipline;
7.Use waterfall delivery;
8.Use agile delivery;
9.Manage the deployment and operations phases;



You are preparing a proposal for a Microsoft Dynamics solution.
Your challenge is to leverage information that has already been gathered during pre-sales activities in the Diagnostic phase.
Which documents contain information that you should include in your proposal? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Project Charter
B.    Statement Of Work
C.    Solution Design Document
D.    High-level Project Plan

Answer: AD

You need to transfer knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics solution to the customer resources. You also need to train the people who will be using and maintaining the system after Go-live. Which Sure Step Cross-Phase provides information about these dependencies?

A.    Training Cross-Phase
B.    Communication Cross-Phase
C.    Deployment Cross-Phase
D.    Quality and Testing Cross-Phase

Answer: A

You are determining the contract type for a new engagement. Based on the available diagnostic information, you come to the following conclusions:
– There is uncertainty about a majority of the requirements
– There is a significant gap between a large set of requirements and your Microsoft Dynamics solution
– Your project team is not familiar with the customers’s industry
– Your customer is not familiar with implementation projects and business software.
Which contract type should you recommend?

A.    Fixed price
B.    Time and Material
C.    Fixed Price for Analysis and Design, Estimate for Development and Deployment
D.    Estimate for Analysis and Design, Fixed Price for Development and Deployment

Answer: B

As part of the application consultant team, you are responsible for Business Process Analysis. Select the most appropriate descriptions of Business Process Analysis as defined by the Sure Step Business Process Analysis Cross-Phase. Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Business Process Analysis begins with workshops designed to explore the current (as/is) processes.
The future (to/be) processes are also documented as an output from these workshops. T
hese workshops are finalized in the Analysis phase.
B.    In the Design and Development phases, the Business Process Analysis activities involve reviewing
And updating the documented future (to/be) business process flows.
C.    In the Design and Development phases, no Business Process Analysis activities are executed because
these phases do not require further analysis.
D.    Business Process Analysis begins with workshops that explore the current (as/is) processes.
The future (to/be) processes are not covered in these workshops.
These workshops are finalized in the Analysis phase.

Answer: AB

You are working as a project manager in a complex blended engagement that includes consultants from several partners and ISVs.
Your customers have communicated that reliable and optimized performance is business-critical. You need to ensure that this concern is addressed and that your team understands the performance impact of the solution.
What should you do?

A.    Execute the activities related to the project management discipline, Risk and Issue Management,
As early in the project lifecycle as possible.
B.    Execute the activities related to the Optimization Offering, Performance Review, before Go-live in
the deployment phase.
C.    Execute the activities related to the Optimization Offering, Design Review, as soon as the design
documents become available.
D.    Execute the activities related to Conducting a Production Audit in the deployment phase.

Answer: B

Your team has gathered relevant project details by means of pre-sales activities and high level requirements gatherings, including workshops, demonstrations, and interview sessions.
All relevant information was documented through these activities.
You need to centralize this information in one document that will be used to authorize the project to start. This document will outline the overall goals and objectives, define the interactions of all project participants, list the approved scope, document assumptions and risks, and provide the high-level project schedule and approach.
Which document do you create?

A.    Functional Requirements Document
B.    Project Charter
C.    Final Licenses Agreement
D.    Scoping Assessment Report

Answer: B

You are responsible for implementing a Microsoft Dynamics solution.
Your company’s Sales Manager has a signed proposal and has made all project information available to you.
You notice that infrastructure was discussed during the pre-sales activities.
What are the next steps related to infrastructure that are proposed in the Sure Step Infrastructure Cross-Phase?

A.    Gather functional and non-functional requirements and create an infrastructure design document.
B.    Install the testing and production environments.
This needs to be done when testing and production environments are needed at the customer site.
C.    Install the appropriate Microsoft Dynamics Core Product, including required hotfixes and rollups.
D.    Sure Step does not recommend subsequent steps that are related to the infrastructure domain.

Answer: C

Which three customer benefits and objectives are achieved by conducting a Fit Gap and Solution Blueprint during the pre-sales process? Choose the 3 that apply.

A.    Increased understanding of the “Degree of Fit”
B.    Increased visibility into the business and IT requirements and how they will be addressed
C.    Increased understanding of the effort required to configure and customize the project solution
D.    Increased understanding of the proposal

Answer: ABC

Your company is preparing a proposal for a large and complex implementation that will require significant customizations in an enterprise organization.
One of the elements that you plan to address is testing and creating a test plan.
When is the best time to create a high-level test plan that includes the general standards and procedures that must be followed when conducting software testing and validation?

A.    During the beginning of the deployment phase.
B.    After design specifications are finalized.
C.    During the custom code activity.
D.    During project scoping and planning in the Analysis phase.

Answer: D

You are working on an Upgrade Project Type.
Business requirements include implementing new product features and new customizations.
You need to define your approach.
Which approach is recommended to Microsoft Dynamics upgrade projects?

A.    The Upgrade Project Type for functional upgrades.
B.    The Upgrade Project Type for technical upgrades.
C.    The Rapid Project Type approach, including an upgrade assessment.
D.    The Agile Project Type executed by means of Sprints.

Answer: A

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