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December 28, 2017

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A client can create a secure connection to a FortiGate device using SSL VPN in web-only mode.
Which one of the following statements is correct regarding the use of web-only mode SSL VPN?

A. Web-only mode supports SSL version 3 only.
B. A Fortinet-supplied plug-in is required on the web client to use web-only mode SSL VPN.
C. Web-only mode requires the user to have a web browser that supports 64-bit cipher length.
D. The JAVA run-time environment must be installed on the client to be able to connect to a web-only mode SSL VPN.

Answer: C

A client can establish a secure connection to a corporate network using SSL VPN in tunnel mode.
Which of the following statements are correct regarding the use of tunnel mode SSL VPN? (Select all that apply.)

A. Split tunneling can be enabled when using tunnel mode SSL VPN.
B. Client software is required to be able to use a tunnel mode SSL VPN.
C. Users attempting to create a tunnel mode SSL VPN connection must be authenticated by at least one SSL VPN policy.
D. The source IP address used by the client for the tunnel mode SSL VPN is assigned by the FortiGate unit.

Answer: ABCD

In an IPSec gateway-to-gateway configuration, two FortiGate units create a VPN tunnel between two separate private networks.
Which of the following configuration steps must be performed on both FortiGate units to support this configuration? (Select all that apply.)

A. Create firewall policies to control traffic between the IP source and destination address.
B. Configure the appropriate user groups on the FortiGate units to allow users access to the IPSec VPN connection.
C. Set the operating mode of the FortiGate unit to IPSec VPN mode.
D. Define the Phase 2 parameters that the FortiGate unit needs to create a VPN tunnel with the remote peer.
E. Define the Phase 1 parameters that the FortiGate unit needs to authenticate the remote peers.

Answer: ADE

How is traffic routed onto an SSL VPN tunnel from the FortiGate unit side?

A. A static route must be configured by the administrator using the ssl.root interface as the outgoing interface.
B. Assignment of an IP address to the client causes a host route to be added to the FortiGate unit’s kernel routing table.
C. A route back to the SSLVPN IP pool is automatically created on the FortiGate unit.
D. The FortiGate unit adds a route based upon the destination address in the SSL VPN firewall policy.

Answer: B

An end user logs into the full-access SSL VPN portal and selects the Tunnel Mode option by clicking on the “Connect” button. The administrator has enabled split tunneling.

Given that the user authenticates against the SSL VPN policy shown in the image below, which statement below identifies the route that is added to the client’s routing table.

A. A route to destination matching the `WIN2K3′ address object.
B. A route to the destination matching the `all’ address object.
C. A default route.
D. No route is added.

Answer: A

Which of the following antivirus and attack definition update options are supported by FortiGate units? (Select all that apply.)

A. Manual update by downloading the signatures from the support site.
B. Pull updates from the FortiGate device
C. Push updates from the FortiGuard Distribution Network.
D. “update-AV/AS” command from the CLI

Answer: ABC

A FortiGate AntiVirus profile can be configured to scan for viruses on SMTP, FTP, POP3, and SMB protocols using which inspection mode?

A. Proxy
C. Flow-based
D. Man-in-the-middle

Answer: C

Which of the following items does NOT support the Logging feature?

A. File Filter
B. Application control
C. Session timeouts
D. Administrator activities
E. Web URL filtering

Answer: C

Which of the following is true regarding Switch Port Mode?

A. Allows all internal ports to share the same subnet.
B. Provides separate routable interfaces for each internal port.
C. An administrator can select ports to be used as a switch.
D. Configures ports to be part of the same broadcast domain.

Answer: A

An administrator configures a FortiGate unit in Transparent mode on the subnet. Automatic Discovery is enabled to detect any available FortiAnalyzers on the network.
Which of the following FortiAnalyzers will be detected? (Select all that apply.)


Answer: AB

Which of the following statements are correct regarding logging to memory on a FortiGate unit? (Select all that apply.)

A. When the system has reached its capacity for log messages, the FortiGate unit will stop logging to memory.
B. When the system has reached its capacity for log messages, the FortiGate unit overwrites the oldest messages.
C. If the FortiGate unit is reset or loses power, log entries captured to memory will be lost.
D. None of the above.

Answer: BC

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