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March 21, 2016

2016 NEW 70-646 Questions and Answers Released Today!

Exam Code: 70-646
Exam Name Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator
Certification Provider: Microsoft
Corresponding Certifications: MCSA, MCSA: Windows Server 2008, MCSE, MCSE: Private Cloud Windows Server 2008

2016 NEW 70-646 Study Guides:
1.Planning for server deployment
2.Planning for server management
3.Monitoring and maintaining servers
4.Planning application and data provisioning
5.Planning for business continuity and high availability

Kim Akers is a member of the local Administrators group on Windows Server 2008 computer Sydney. Sydney hosts a network share to which Sam Abolrous, a member of the local Administrators group on Windows Server 2008 computer Melbourne, uses as a target location when he performs manual backups of the data on server Melbourne’s volumes. Sam is on a training course this week and the users of server Melbourne need Kim to restore some deleted folders that they cannot access through VSS.
Which group membership must Kim have to use the Windows Server Backup tool from Sydney to restore data on Melbourne while keeping to the principle of least privilege?

A.    Power Users group on Sydney
B.    Power Users local group on Melbourne
C.    Backup Operators group on Melbourne
D.    Administrators group on Melbourne

Answer: C

All RODCs deployed at your branch office sites have all volumes protected by BitLocker.
Full server backups of each RODC are taken once a month to DVD.
The hard disk drive on the Traralgon branch office RODC fails.
You replace the component and perform a full server recovery.
What other steps must be taken to return the RODC to its original condition?

A.    Perform an authoritative restore.
B.    Perform a nonauthoritative restore.
C.    Reapply BitLocker.
D.    Perform a full server backup.

Answer: C

The motherboard of an important intranet server at one of your organization’s remote branch offices has just failed. The motherboard is the only component that needs replacement, but because of the branch office’s remote location, it will be several days before a replacement can be obtained. A full server backup was manually performed on the server 12 hours before the failure occurred. This backup was written to removable USB disk drive.
A Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise Edition computer with Hyper-V is also located at the site and hosts a virtualized domain controller.
Which of the following steps could be taken to ensure that the intranet server is available until the replacement components arrive while not disrupting existing services?

A.    Perform a bare metal restore on the Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise Edition’s computer.
B.    Mount the backup images on the Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise Edition computer as extra volumes.
C.    Perform a full server recovery to a Hyper-V virtual machine.
D.    Restore the System State data from the backup images to the Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise Edition computer.

Answer: C

Assuming that the Windows Server 2008 server is authoritative for a domain, which console or tool do you use to create the DNS Round Robin configuration?

A.    Network Load Balancing Manager
B.    DNS Manager
C.    nslookup
D.    Server Manager

Answer: B

Which of the following are disadvantages of DNS Round Robin? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    DNS Round Robin cannot be used for Internet-facing applications.
B.    The DNS administrator has no control over the Time-to-Live (TTL) for the records.
C.    DNS Round Robin does not work well with stateful applications.
D.    The administrator has no control over the strategy for load balancing with Round Robin.

Answer: CD

NLB creates a virtual network adapter and shares which of the following among cluster participants?

A.    A MAC address and an IP address
B.    An IP address
C.    A MAC address
D.    A routing table

Answer: A

By default, members within a Network Load Balanced cluster will listen for how many missed heartbeats before triggering convergence?

A.    60
B.    30
C.    5
D.    32

Answer: C

You are in the process of configuring an 8-node NLB cluster that will be used to host an important Web site.
You want to be able to connect to each node in the cluster separately using a computer located on a remote subnet using RDP so that you can perform administrative duties.
One administrative duty is using robocopy to replicate Web site data from one server to other servers in the cluster. Each server has a single network card.
Which of the following must you do? (Choose two. Each answer forms a part of the solution.)

A.    Configure NLB port rules.
B.    Configure the cluster to use multicast.
C.    Configure the cluster to use unicast.
D.    Configure the cluster to use IPv6.
E.    Configure the cluster to use DNS Round Robin.

Answer: AB

Digital certificates distributed through autoenrollment are widely used at a company’s head office location.
Which of the following CA types would you deploy to a regional branch office to issue certificates in support of autoenrollment policies configured within the default domain GPO?

A.    Enterprise Root CA
B.    Enterprise Subordinate CA
C.    Standalone Root CA
D.    Standalone Subordinate CA

Answer: B

Which of the following steps must you take before deploying autoenrollment? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Configure Group Policy to support autoenrollment.
B.    Configure autoenrollment permissions on certificate templates.
C.    Modify CRL publication settings.
D.    Configure an Online Responder.
E.    Configure Web enrollment.

Answer: AB

You want to configure server ocsp.contoso.internal as an Online Responder for ca1.contoso.internal. Server ocsp.contoso.internal has IIS installed.
Which of the following steps will you need to take as a part of this process? (Each correct answer presents part of a solution. Choose three.)

A.    Install an OCSP Response Signing certificate on ca1.contoso.internal.
B.    Configure an OCSP Response Signing certificate template on ca1.contoso. internal.
C.    Install an OCSP Response Signing certificate on ocsp.contoso.internal.
D.    Configure the AIA extension with the URL ocsp.contoso.internal.
E.    Configure the AIA extension with the URL ca1.contoso.internal.

Answer: BCE

Your organization’s Queensland branch office makes extensive use of digital certificates. Queensland satellite offices have similar usage patterns. The Queensland branch office has a single Enterprise Root CA from which all certificates in Queensland are issued.
Because of low-bandwidth WAN links, it sometimes takes a long time for clients in branch office locations to validate the authenticity of certificates that have already been issued.
Which of the following steps can you take to improve certificate validation times for clients in satellite offices?

A.    Deploy an Enterprise Subordinate CA at the branch office.
B.    Deploy an Enterprise Subordinate CA at each satellite office.
C.    Deploy a Standalone Subordinate CA at the branch office.
D.    Place an Online Responder at each satellite office. Configure an Online Responder Array.

Answer: D

Which of the following tools can you use to view the health of multiple CAs in your organization’s PKI environment?

A.    Certification Authority console
B.    Online Responder Management console
C.    Enterprise PKI
D.    Certificates MMC snap-in

Answer: C

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